Shakti Lila

Shakti Lila - Saravtar CD

With her album Shakti Lila, singer, composer, artist and dancer Saravtar offers a journey through six Mantric Grooves for the awakening of Spirit, gracefully moving from the beginning to the end of an evolutionary cycle of human consciousness.

Doorways to etheric realms are progressively opened through delicate ambient mixes, inviting the listener to join in, sing, dance and transcend. Several of these titles have been put to Shakti Dance Choreographies, a sacred yoga dance discipline, founded and taught by Saravtar herself.
This CD breathes a new sound into the potent life of these transformational and healing mantras.


- Adi Shakti (11:35)
- Pritvhi Hai (11:02)
- Munda Santokh (12:05)
- Sat Gurprasad (11:39)
- Akhan Jor (11:15)
- Antarjameh (11:40)

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