Masala Box for spices, stainless steel

In India, cooks and householders traditionally use a Steel Masala Dabba - a Masala Box made of stainless steel - for storing and presenting their spices and spice-masalas. Also Chutneys and Sauces find their place in the Masala Box. This kind of Masala Box with its separate little bowls can also be used to offer different delicious foods - just like the well-known indian Thali.

Diamater of the Masala-Box: ca. 23 cm.
Height of the Masala-Box: ca. 8 cm.

Diameter of each little bowl: ca. 7,2 cm.
Height of the single bowls: ca. 4,8 cm.

With 7 little bowls, extra inner lid and 1 small spoon!

EAN-code 4260110015110