Universal Prayer

Universal Prayer - Satkirin Kaur CD

Satkirin Kaur's masterpiece, Universal Prayer: Songs of the Soul, celebrates the wisdom of the great sage Patanjali, who wrote the Yoga Sutras, and the divine guidance of Guru Nanak, in a beautiful album of chants.

Satkirin Kaur's music is meditative and her intention is to bring upliftment and fulfillment into people's lives through the use of this powerful form of song. The classical Raga-sounds are framed by ingeniusly arranged patterns of more modern music, however the music stays calm by the touch of master-musicians.

Masterfully produced by Thomas Barquee, and with the contribution of master-musicians from Calcutta, India, Universal Prayer is for us one of the most valuable classics in the workd of Kundalini Yoga nusic and one of the best albums ever!


- Namo Namo (8:50)
- Bisara Ga-ee (11:09)
- Mera Man Loche (10:29)
- Akhan Jor (10:02)
- Guru Meray Sang (4:25)
- Sat Nam Medley (6:41)
- Simara Simara (8:48)
- Mu Laalan (12:29).

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