Lovingly - Gurudass Kaur CD

Gurudass Kaur's top-selling album Lovingly is truly great! It offers over 84 minutes of the finest mantra- and chant music, including some very special hits. Gurudass Kaur is well known throughout the Kundalini Yoga community as a gifted singer, musician and composer as well as experienced yoga teacher over many years. Her previous albums with Gurudass Singh, for example Circle of Light or Longing to Belong are amongst the bestsellers in the world of Kundalini mantra and chant music.
With Lovingly, Gurudass Kaur takes her impressive debut as a solo artist. She is accompanied by the musicians of the band Mardana who contributed many of the wonderfully creative, varied musical ideas as well as being responsible for the entire music production.

Lovingly contains a brilliant mix of different mantras and chants, covering an exciting distance between calm, relaxing and more inwarded pieces, and – as a balance to that – very dynamic, rhythmic and danceable sounds. Most of the pieces build up slowly, offering many surprises and peaks, so that you can always discover something new. You will experience many different instruments, ranging from traditional instruments such as Tablas, Harmonium and Dholak over different Guitars, Piano, Keyboards and Violin all the way to brass instruments, Cello, Oboe or Clarinet.

Another strength of this album is the vocal power, taking different colours in multi-folded choirs, solo singing or call-and-answer singing, unfolding an incredible soul and radiance - this is definitely music you can listen to over and over again!

The two very dynamic pieces Pavan Guru and Ong Kar Nirankar can be seen as milestones in the Kundalini Yoga music world – one hardly finds this power, rhythm and depth elsewhere. They offer a fireworks of joy, fun, and celebration on the highest level and create a new standard in sound! The depth, sensitivity and love of the calmer pieces are touching the heart and soul, soothe the mind and lift you up into a space of coziness, healing and inner joy, where meditation and relaxation will become a unique experience.

Each mantra comes with a special movement-meditation, the "Celestial Communications".
The included full-colour 28-page booklet explains each of the mantras and meditations in five different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian), guiding you through them in detail picture by picture. Together with the booklet, this album is a unique yoga-companion, suitable for listening, singing along, meditating and relaxing at home as well as being a practical tool for yoga teachers.


- EK Ong Kar Sat Gurprasad (16:32)
- Light of the Soul (12:35)
- Pavan Guru (13:29)
- Ra Ma Da Sa (15:57)
- Wahe Guru (13:46)
- Ong Kar Nirankar (11:53)

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Recommended retail price: 16,95 €.