Mantra Lounge - Kamari & Manvir CD

With their "chill-out" album Mantra Lounge, Kamari & Manvir present a collection of sacred Sanskrit & Kundalini Yoga mantras merged within a rich tapestry of orchestral, ethnic and ambient electronic sounds. The soundscapes and lightful rhythms are created to invoke deep feelings of bliss, purification and spiritual inspiration. As well the benefits of pure listening, there are full length meditations designed to enhance and enrich your personal practice.

The energy for Mantra Lounge was inspired by trips of Kamari and Manvir to India and Ibiza where some of the tracks were composed. The relationship of instrumentation, eclectic genres and sacred Mantras are beautifully interconnected with the intention to warm the heart of your being, inviting you to blissfully align with the Divine.


- Gayatri Mantra (08:03)
- I Am (06:42)
- Om Ganapataye (04:32)
- Kirtan Kriya (12:45)
- Bhand Jammee-ai (06:59)
- Sat Kartar (12:15)
- Sat Siri Akaal (06:43)
- Maa (11:48)

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