Meditate Forever - Satkirin Kaur CD

Meditation is the moment you tune into yourself, your words, your breath, your focus, and your intention. the melodies and rhythms, the loving words and mantras on Meditate Forever, plus a Divine focus on the internal self, called the soul, brings deep meditation. May these sounds guide your inner self. Allow the experience to free your mind from worries that cloud your excellence – so that you can meditate forever!

Satkirin Kaur's album Meditate Forever is a vast musical expression of easy-to-catch sound patterns for peace of mind and perfection of your own meditation. The musical artistry of each world class musician (from Om studio in Calcutta to Zen Studio in Los Angeles) decorates and illustrates beauty and ecstasy through the merging of East Indian musicians, Raga, and western classical singers.


- Vilambat - Salutation (1:04)
- Anand Bhai-aa - Blissful gratitude to the mother (8:21)
- Triple Mantra - Clears karma; past, present & future 8:52)
- Wahe Guru Meditation - Vast infinite touch to calm you (7:50)
- Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur - When nothing works, let the heart win (8:59)
- Ajai Alai Abhai Abai - Meditation of surrender to mastery (8:03)
- Ardas Bhai-ee - Fulfillment of your prayer (9:37)
- Manganaa Manganaa Neeka - Fulfill your longing (7:50)
- Aap Sahaa-ee Hoah - Protection from negativity (9:21)

"The gift of this human life is a treasure that we rarely acknowledge.
To lift one's own spirit requires fortitude and longing.
And the greatest gem in our life is the SONG that awakens the soul to God.
I offer these words of the Shabad Guru to you to experience
what it is to meditate forever."

- Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

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