Peace to All

Peace to All - Gurudass Kaur CD

The affirmation Peace to All, Life to All, Love to All is a universal and eternal prayer that issues forth from the compassionate heart of all mankind to all living beings. Join us by singing, or dancing, or just listening. Anything you do will inspire peace, life and love!

Gurudass Kaur and the group Mardana have set out to create a chant and meditation that would serve the spirit of peace, the radiance of life, and the healing power of love. This single track in the perfect length for meditation and chanting, over 31 minutes, fork lifts you from any sorrow and burden you may carry and gives you the strength and courage to face any challenge coming your way. By singing or listening you will bring peace, life and love into your heart, so you can radiate it outwards to your loved ones, then out to the world, and even out to what you may feel are your enemies.

This chant is carried by rich vocal layers, merging into a joyful choir, raising the spirits up high. Driving Guitars, Tablas, Percussion, Bass, Piano and Keyboards lay out a perfect foundation for the upbeat character of this music and add a “living” touch to it which makes you feel you are right in the middle of it – so you will naturally become part of it.

Peace to All, Life to All, Love to All reflects the subtle spirit of the number 11 – where one and one become ONE. It is our prayer that this wonderful chant may inspire you and give you peace, life, love, hope, joy and happiness in all your activities.

The Booklet contains a complete description in pictures and words for the Meditation and movements you can do along with the music. These movements are the Celestial Communication which will give you an even deeper experience with this wonderful chant.


Peace to All, Live to All, Love to All (32:46)

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