Prosperity - Har Anand Kaur CD

The two Kundalini Yoga Mantras on the album Prosperity of italian singer Har Anand Kaur work on manifesting inner and outer prosperity.

Bahuta Karam is a verse from Jap Ji written by Guru Nanak. The powerful mantric lyrics of this verse have the capacity to lift up the consciousness to an awareness of inner and outer prosperity.

The Guru Ram Das Chant is a mantra calling on the 4th Guru, known as the Lord of Miracles. The Guru Ram Das Mantra opens the heart and guides the consciousness into the awareness that true prosperity begins by living compassion and gracefulness.

Both mantras are recorded 31 minutes each, a higly recommended length for a deeper meditation experience with these mantras. The beautiful melodies by Har Anand Kaur support the process of coming from nothing to everything.

These two mantras and the music of Prosperity are amongst the everlasting popular classics of Kundalini Yoga mantra music.


- Bahuta Karam (31:00)
- Guru Ram Das Chant (31:00)

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