Sacred Nectar - Siri Sadhana Kaur CD

With her album Sacred Nectar, British singer-songwriter and composer Siri Sadhana Kaur offers a great selection of powerful Kundalini Yoga Mantras with nice melodies and a deeply meditative energy - perfect for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Chanting these Mantras will creatively enhance your consciousness. Vibrating in te body and in every cell will strengthen our nervous system, changing our thoughts and chemistry. The rhythm and pronunciation works similarly to reflexology in the palate of the mouth, elevating our mood and health.

This will help to attune to the functioning and sensitivity of our whole Self, thereby affecting the endocrine and chakra systems, and the psyche. Each mantra has a focus, forging the link with our soul and divinity.


- Aad Guray Nameh (Mangala Charan Mantra) (06:12)
Purpose: chanted for centering, guidance and protection. It forms a protective light around the magnetic field. Meaning: bowing or calling on, primal wisdom, wisdom throughout the ages, true wisdom, great unseen wisdom.

- Mul Mantra (the root of all mantras) (06:20)
Purpose: It acts as a compass for the soul directing to God. It is the first part, the beginning of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (holy Sikh Scriptures). Meaning: The creator of all is one, truth is identified. Doer of everything, fearless, without anger, undying, unborn, self-illuminated, through Guru's Grace. Repeat/chant. True in the beginning, true through all the ages, true even now. Nanak says Truth shall ever be.

- Gobinday Mukanday (Guru Gaitri Mantra) (08:57)
Purpose: to bring compassion and patience, stabilises the brain's hemispheres, and clears subconscious and karmic blocks. Meaning: sustainer, liberator, enlightener, infinite, destroyer, creator, nameless, desireless.

- Ang Sang Wahe Guru (07:19)
Purpose: It eliminates haunting thoughts. Meaning: The dynamic living ecstasy of the universe is dancing within every cell of me.

- Sa Re Sa Sa (Antar Naad Mantra - it is the base mantra of all mantras) (05:27)
Purpose: It brings peace and prosperity, adversity dissolves with this mantra. It develops the capacity to master words and communication. Meaning: The infinite totality of God. The element of ether, the origin, the beginning, contains all other effects, subtle and beyond. The creativity of God/Earth. The dense element, power of manifestation, tangible and personal. Complete totality.

- Sat Siri Siri Akaal (Mantra for the Aquarian age) (06:23)
Purpose: to connect to truth and our soul and great deathlessness. It assists transition through the changing times. Meaning: greatness of truth, beyond death, whose name is high. Deathless image of the divine. Whose wisdom is great beyond words.

- Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (Siri Mantra) (07:06)
Purpose: used to heal yourself or another. It attunes the self to the universe, bringing balance. Meaning: Sun, moon, earth, infinity, thou, totality of infinity, personal sense of merger and identity. The infinite vibrating and real. I am Thou.

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