Sacred Sound 1 - Ann-Britt Ljusberg CD

Sacred Sound features six popular Kundalini Yoga Mantras with wonderful melodies, each 11 minutes long - ideal for meditation.

With her wonderful voice and professional touch, swedish singer Ann-Britt Ljusberg gives a special grace and class to the Kundalini Mantras: the sweet arrangements and partially covered versions from already existing melodies make this Mantra-album ideal for chanting along, meditating, or just listening.

Sacred Sound also includes a booklet with complete instructions in english for the mantras and meditations that can be done with each of the mantras.


- Aap Sahai Hoa (11:15)
- Guru Ram Das (11:02)
- Ra Ma Da Sa (10:56)
- Ardas Bhaee (11:06)
- Ad Guray Nameh (11:03)
- Sat Nam (11:32)

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