One in Everyone - Tera Naam CD

On their third album One in Everyone, the two talented and soulful musicians Dharam Kaur and Hansujot Singh express the full range of their musical skills: not only do their wonderful voices luminously stand out both in heartwarming solos and finely woven choirs, but simultaneously does their use of a whole range of different western and eastern instruments and sounds bring a unique richness to their music, making "One in Everyone" a real musical tidbit!

The musical variety and the fine arrangements are completed by the careful selection of both mantras from the Kundalini Yoga World and spiritual songs in English: "One in Everyone" really offers something for everyone!
What makes this album real fun to listen to is the equilibrium of both quiet and meditative, as well as rhythmic-invigorating and inspirational hymn-like pieces. Tera Naam realized here many musical ideas with wonderful melodies and a very special »joie de vivre«.

With One in Everyone, as the title promises, Tera Naam call on the One, the Eternal in us all. That spirit that allows us to transcend conflicts, fears and difficulties and lifts us up on wings of light towards inner renewal – and towards each other. The mantras and songs on this album were selected by Dharam Kaur and Singh Hansujot specifically for this purpose and carry exactly this energy. It is a sparkling jewel of mantra- and spiritual music that Tera Naam carries out into the world.

As a special highlight on this album, the song Let us dance my Love features singer Jai-Jagdeesh and spiritual troubadour Kevin James Carroll - making it a great declaration of love to the Divine and to the Oneness in all of us.


- Gobinday Mukanday (06:42)
- Akhan Jor (10:40)
- God and We are One (08:20)
- Chattr Chakra Vartee (08:59)
- Aad Guray Nameh (08:57)
- A Hundred Moons (13:21)
- Let us dance my Love (06:26)

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