Understanding Jap-Ji - various authors, Translation & Interpretation

The workbook Understanding Jap Ji is a great tool for everybody who is in love with Guru Nanak's Jap Ji Sahib, who wants to study it and gain a (deeper) understanding of it. Like many universal and spiritual scriptures in poetic form, Jap Ji has many levels of truth and inner meanings. This book presents more than one translation and interpretation of several authors and experts of Jap Ji.

Besides simply reading and reciting Jap Ji, the understanding of its meaning can be an important part of spiritual growth. Therefore, Understanding Jap-Ji contains the most advanced translations and interpretations to help you find your own inner path through, and to, Jap Ji.

Yogi Bhajan explained during the Jap Ji course 2003 in Espanola, New Mexico:
"The Jap Ji is a perfect tool for your self development. May it be so for you!"

With translations and interpretations from: Yogi Bhajan, Guruka Singh (Espanola), Ek Ong Kar Kaur (Espanola), Avtar Kaur (Rome), Sat Hari Singh (Hamburg), and the word-to-word translation by Gurliv Singh.

Format A4, Spiralbound.
149 pages.
Languages: English and german.

ISBN 978-3-941566-52-1
Recommended retail price: 18,95 €.