Yoga of Love - Yogi Bhajan, Edition Sat Hari Singh

Yogi Bhajan was a constant source of inspiration. In his unique way, he brought the wisdom of the Orient, the Vedas, the Yogis, Gurus and the Dharma to the West, precisely at the beginning of the change of age.

Yogi Bhajan left it to his disciples to cast these worlds of wisdom into accessible forms of media. One of his central, recurring themes was to open us Westerners for real love, not for the thousand forms of emotional, romantic love, which we pursue, but for that real love, which in its essence is divine. This love is the highest Yoga and the highest fulfillment. It is beyond all those daily whisperings, it is in fact the love for our highest self.

In this beautifully illustrated book, editor Sat Hari Singh presents a documentation of Yogi Bhajan’s revolutionary design of love in his lectures, poems and words of wisdom (sutras).

Yoga of Love is kept bilingual: next to the original English text by Yogi Bhajan you will find a german translation and the mentioning of the source. The texts consist largely of poems, sutras (short aphoristic words of wisdom) and excerpts from speeches and lectures of Yogi Bhajan.

The classic image quotations and illustrations from many cultures of our world mirror in their visual language the universal nature of the texts relating to this most important of all human themes: Love.

Yoga of Love is a real treasure, a gift, a cornucopia of yogic knowledge about love. Additional Kundalini Yoga meditations – also for couples - make this book a yogic treasure also in a practical sense.

Format: 11.4 x 15.9 cm, bound.
154 pages, with numerous illustrations and photographs.
Languages: English - German.

ISBN 978-3-9811522-9-6
Recommended retail price: 9,95 €.