Akhan Jor & Bhavai

Akhan Jor & Jio Bhavai - Khalsa Jetha CD

This unique recording of the verse Akhan Jor from the Jap Ji Sahib by Guru Nanak is a real classic - it was made already in the early 1980's and is still inspiring many people today.

The poetic lines of the Akhan Jor-Pauri (verse) from the Jap Ji Sahib, the Morning Prayer in the tradition of Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga, holds in itself a quality of fearlessness and trust that the creation is always functioning under a perfect plan.

The music-group Khalsa Jetha from Germany recorded this verse in a 26-times repetition, with a fascinating, capturing music which carries the power of the mantra into every cell of your being.

Yogi Bhajan said:
"If you repeat this verse 26 times a day and meditate on it, it will bring a quality of fearlessness into your life".

Akhan Jor (28:19)

Bonus Tracks:
Jio Bhavai (15:32)
Sat Siri Akaal (07:28).

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