Copper Cup SAT NAM, approx. 0,25 ltr.

Using a copper cup for drinking water or other beverages is highly valued in the science of Ayurveda. Yogis value the copper cup as an ideal way for drinking water and giving the water a positive energy. Moreover. Besides that, the copper cup it is optically unique and beautiful, and an almost indestructible household item.

Directions for the use and maintenance of the Copper Cup
Fill the copper cup with cold water in the evening and leave it overnight. In the morning, drink this water after rising. This water is recommended in the science of Ayurveda as it is said to purify the physiology. From a scientific viewpoint, copper - an essential mineral for the human body – has been absorbed by the water.

Copper is a natural material which has a tendency to darken due to oxidation. Therefore it is recommended to clean the copper cup regularly. For this, pour a teaspoon of lemon Juice and a teaspoon of salt into the cup, stir it and clean it with a sponge or cloth. The exterior of the cup can be cleaned in the same way. After this, rinse the cup once more with water. This cleaning method should be repeated regularly in order to prevent the corrosion of the copper cup.

Contents: approximately 0,25 litres.

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