Masala Galery for spices, open

The Masala Galery is a Masala box with separate pots for the storage and attractive presentation of spices and chutneys or sauces. The Masala Galery consists of the following components:

- Galery: a round retainer made of stainless steel.
- Seven single pots made of stainless steel, with screwable lid. The pots are airtight.
- Seven additional, adorned spoons, fitting perfectly in each little pot.

The Screw thread of the lid of the seven single pots is made of food safe plastic, the upper side of the lid made of transparent plastic.

Capacity of each pot: ca. 0,2 ltr.
Diamater of each pot: ca. 8 cm.
Height of each pot: ca. 8 cm.
Total diamater of the Masala Galery: ca. 26 cm.

EAN-code 4260110015097