Thali Plate, stainless steel

The Thali plate is a classical indian houshold item which is literally indestructable and is sometimes passed on from generation to generation. Similar to the Fondue-plates known in Europe and elsewhere, the Thali plate allows to serve different foods on one and the same plate, and present them in e delicious way.

Our Sat Nam Thali plate is divied into four parts, the largest of them mostly being used for rice, whereas the others are usually used for Dals (legumes curries), Sabzis (vegetable curries) and also Raita (yoghurt with herbs). Our Sat Nam Thali plate is made of 100 % stainless steel in a thick, very solid premium quality.

Divided into four parts, extra solid quality, ca. 31,5 cm diameter.

EAN-code 4260110015073