Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti - Gurudass CD

This CD features the two classical Kundalini Yoga Mantras Adi Shakti and Gobinde Mukande, each sung in a length of 31 minutes - the ideal meditation length for transformation and for experience deeper layers of the self.

Gurudass Kaur sings with beauty and power in a call and answer style with a group of singers on the Adi Shakti-mantra. Through the repetitions, the Adi Shakti mantra unfolds more and more, lifting the spirit up high and making you part of the chanting group.

The second cut on this CD, the mantra Gobinde Mukande, has Guru Dass Singh singing in his pure, rich and beautiful voice along with Gurudass Kaur. Gobinde Mukande is kept more simple with piano and a wonderful harmony of voices, it is slow and peaceful, relaxing and heartfelt.


- Adi Shakti (31 minutes)
- Gobinde Mukande (31 minutes)

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