Africa Awakening-Sat Darshan Singh CD

Drenched by the african sun, this music with Sadhana Mantras for the Kundalini Yoga morning meditations resounds crispy, relaxed and easy and will give you inspiration in your day. Sat Darshan Singh lives in Burundi/Africa and the african influences are distinctively and decently incorporated in the music on his CD Africa Awakening.

The instrumentation with guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and rhythms builds a perfect platform for your upliftment and creates a natural, acoustic sound which supports and guides you through each meditation while gently carrying the powerful radiance of the mantras without any distraction.

The music is beautifully fragranced by Sat Darshan’s virtuosic guitarplay which offers a wonderful delicacy and frames the spirit of each mantra sometimes sensitively-poignantly, sometimes rhythmically-dynamically. Never losing the central theme out of sight, the musical works carries a completeness which meets the core purpose of the Sadhana Meditations – to work as only one single meditation – in a perfect way.

With booklet in English, German, French and Italian.


- Wah Yantee (7:10)
- Mul Mantra (7:43)
- Sat Siri Akal (8:52)
- Rakhe Rakhanhar (8:11)
- Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio (22:11)
- Ram Das Guru (6:16)
- Longtime Sunshine (3:18)

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