Aquarian Technology - Kamari & Manvir

After their stunning debut album Kundalini Technology, the two sound wizards Kamari & Manvir seamlessly connect to their musical concept and take it to the next level: in the best chill-out style the duo offers soft-groovy sounds, relaxing beats and melodies that blend effortlessly with ancient Kundalini Yoga Mantras and merge into a unique entity of modern and timeless sounds.

You have not heard Kundalini Mantras like this before! Kamari is sound wizard, creative mind and groove virtuoso with a new creative vision. Together with Manvir's voice, a lounge-like space is created in which many things are possible: exercise, yoga, relaxation, meditation, trance and dance.

Once again, with Aquarian Technology, Kamari & Manvir expand the genre of spiritual mantra music and easily span a bow to the genre of trance-like, floating sounds and modern grooves, in which also Indian sounds find an honorable place.


- Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru (12:47)
- Adays Tisai Adays (8:23)
- Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Parsad - Feat. Yogi Bhajan (11:24)
- Sat Narayan (9:43)
- Mangala Charan (7:23)
- Ong Sohung (7:08)
- Gobinday Mukanday - Feat. Yogi Bhajan (5:27)
- Ra Ma Da Sa (11:51)

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