Chatara Chakara Vartee

Chatara Chakra Vartee-Satkirin Kaur CD

"The sound current of these lines of Jaap Sahib reveals multi-current sounds to avoid the crush of bad times. It makes even the worst situations very light."
- Yogi Bhajan, at the Master's Touch course 2001.

Chatara Chakara Vartee... ist the sutra with the closing lines of the morning prayer Jaap Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh. Singing or reciting these powerful mantric words instills courage and fearlessness into the fiber of the person. The fast rythym of the Tabla and Dholak is penetrating and carries the spirit with a "keep up"-energy, while Satkirin Kaurs voice meditatively continous the flow of this mantra.

The words of Yogi Bhajan are heard every 3 minutes as an affirmation that drives you deeply into your meditative experience.


Chatara Chakara Vartee... (62 minutes)

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