Dance and Meditate! Shakti & Shiva CD

Dance & Meditate! is truly the motto of this CD: "Enjoy, dance and go deep within"! With a wonderfully harmonious "Shakti & Shiva" energy - female and male, this album walks on a particularly precious musical path: it combines traditional and powerful Kundalini Yoga mantras with modern electronic sounds and rhythms, resulting in an almost unique musical genre. Groove, Chill-out, Lounge, Trance, Dance ... great fun, and excellently produced - this is music that goes straight to the heart, and to the feet! It invites you to relax, meditate, sing or dance along!

Dance & Meditate! offers something for everyone, be it for quiet meditation and deep relaxation or for boisterous celebration of pure joie de vivre. The clear, empathetic voices of the two Shakti & Shiva musicians Sigi Vikrampal Kaur Härmand and Ralf Ram Jivan Singh Schönwiese are embedded in beautiful and rousing melodies and rhythms to provide a listening experience of a special kind. The compositions and arrangements were put together with a lot of joy and heart, and Ralf Ram Jivan Singh incorporated his experience as a professional sound engineer - the result of their debut album speaks for itself!

The harmony of the voices and the melodies bears witness to a unity that is one of the goals of yoga - the message that we are all connected as living creatures in this world, and that we are ONE. A musical support for yoga teachers, or simply for listening and singing along, Dance & Meditate! offers a very pleasant combination of spiritual and contemporary music.

- Ong Namo - Intro (02:00) - Har Hare Hari (07:02) - Adi Shakti Meditation (11:10) - Ra Ma Da Sa (06:20) - Har - Meditation (11:27) - Ad Guray Nameh (06:59) - Sat Naam (11:00) - Wake Up (04:36) - Longtime Sunshine (02:23) Bonus Track:
- Surya Phenomena (Dance Trance Version) (06:34)

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