Guru Ram Das - Gurudass Kaur CD

This deeply touching version of the Guru Ram Das mantra is a 31 minute meditation which deeply touches the heart, so it can open up to other hearts, and to the heart of the universe.

This mantra was Yogi Bhajan’s favourite Kundalini Yoga mantras – perfect for our modern times, because it strengthens your heart and your ability for compassion, lets you accept things with a deeper understanding and builds the most human of all characters: Kindness and Compassion.

This version Guru Ram Das Mantra by Gurudass Kaur was the All Camp-Meditation of the European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France. More than 2000 people come together there every year to practice and teach Kundalini Yoga. Singing mantras is one of the core traditions in Kundalini Yoga and one of the highlights of the Festival, and the daily All Camp-Meditation is definitely one of the most special musical meditation highlights.

Along wth this mantra-meditation goes a sequence of special movements known as Celestial Communications - becoming ONE with the mantra, the music, the mudra (hand position) and the movement. The flowing Celestial Communication movements increase the effects of the Guru Ram Das mantra through the physical level. They are meditative and easy to practice – and it’s a lot of fun to meditate on this beautiful music while doing the movements.

This Guru Ram Das mantra by Gurudass Kaur has been designed as a 31-minute meditation – a perfect length to go in deeper and enjoy the experience. The accompanying booklet explains the Celestial Communication movements in words and by pictures.
Gurudass Kaur shows here once more her qualities as singer and composer of wonderful melodies.


- Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru (Guru Ram Das Mantra) (32:08)

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