Har Ji

Har Ji - Ram Singh CD

With his debut album Har Ji, Ram Singh touches the listner with his warm voice and an incomparable meditative space. This CD was one of the Top-Hits at the European Yoga Festival - from zero to the top, as we rarly see it!

Wonderful melodies, partly enriched with female vocal passages, carry the strenght and depth of the Kundalini mantras. With an intercutlural touch and a steady, relaxing and meditative space, Ram Singh has quickly captured the fascination of many listeners.


- Ong Namo (6:10)
- Har Ji (11:56)
- Har Har Gobinde (12:27)
- Ardas Bhaee (Intro) (2:18)
- Ardas Bhaee (11:42)
- Guru Ram Das (7:59)
- Mool Mantra (relaxation) (13:21).

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