Heart to Heart - Gurudass Kaur CD

The long-awaited album of Gurudass Kaur, Heart to Heart, radiates pure love with heart filled Kundalini Mantra Classics that were composed especially for a gentle yoga and meditation practice. Carried by Gurudass Kaur distinctive vocal layers and harmonies, gently rhythmic, melodic and subtly arranged Mantras lead you on waves of harmony into a deep meditative space.

Heart to Heart was produced this time by San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist Ram Dass Khalsa who incorporated his sensitive, gentle touch and mirrors the album title wonderfully. Alltogether, Heart to Heart carries a nice and gentle Bhaktienergy which is unobtrusive and humble, yet very powerful.

A special highlight on Heart to Heart are the All Camp Meditations of the European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France of the recent years, all gathered on one album!

- Ang Sang Wahe Guru (11:55)
- Ardas Bhaee (12:37)
- Ong Namo Guru Deva (12:28)
- Aad Guray Nameh (12:00)
- Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru (07:06)
- Guru Ram Das (11:33)

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