In Thy Name - Tera Naam CD

The world is sound, everything is vibrating, and this vibration simultaneously creates audible tones. Speech, music and poetry are the highest expressions of this vibration. Mantras are the sonic essence of this vibration and therefore have the capacity to directly connect us with our inner, higher Self. They can dissolve the apparent barrier between us and the Infinity, the Universe and the Divine.

In Thy Name, the debut album of the young formation Tera Naam, is a wonderful example how sound, mantra and music can instantly open up the gates to higher dimensions and elevate us entirely. With their harmonious singing, a soothing instrumentation und capturing, heart-fulfilling melodies, the two musicians Hansujot Singh and Dharam Kaur open the heart of the listener, bring the restless mind to peace, invoke a feeling of relaxation and confidence and create a state of deep inner joy.

In Thy Name is designed as an active meditation tool – all tracks have an ideal length for meditation, they are easy to sing along with, and are also perfect for just relaxing. Featured highlights on this mantra album are the two fantastic pieces So Purkh Shabd and the classic Kirtan Kriya-version of the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma in original length, as it can rarely be found on any other mantra CD.

Overall, Tera Naams debut-album In Thy Name carries a convincing and fine-tuned meditative balance, a great selection of mantras, a wonderful musical setting by the two highly talented multi-instrumentalists, poignant vocals, and last but not least an always noticeable authentic devotion and love – Tera Naam are also a couple in private, and that gives this album a very special, heart accented note.


- Sat Narayan Chateau Anand Peace Meditation (11:53)
- Har Har Yoga Style (11:47)
- So Purkh Shabd (9:22)
- Sa Ta Na Ma 11 Minutes Meditation (12:57)
- Sa Ta Na Ma Full Kirtan Kriya Meditation (32:25)

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Live-recording: Tera Naam as Opening Act for the concert with Snatam Kaur in Hamburg, Germany: