Ketī Chutī Nāl - JAP CD

With their debut album Ketī Chutī Nāl, the mantra band JAP offers beautiful melodies, powerful mantras, multi-layered vocals and an exquisite "flow" which invites you to meditate and sing along. But there is also another characteristic to JAP‘s music: the fine, harmonizing energy that the three build up between each other and then carry it outwards - everything is harmonious, loving and fine-tuned.

The Mantra Band JAP formed in 2013 as a Sadhana Band (morning yoga with live music) in Cologne, Germany, when the three musicians discovered their common love for the mantras of Kundalini yoga.

Inspired by their own personal experiences with Kundalini Yoga, JAP creates catchy melodies and opens up a meditative space that invites you to sing along and experience the sound current, Naad, in a most wonderful way.

Ketī Chutī Nāl is an album that captivates with clarity, authenticity and a pleasant simplicity – always being musically lively, interesting and compelling throughout.


- Mul Mantra (07:40)
- Suniai (07:40)
- Guru Ram Das Chant (12:18)
- Ang Sang Wahe Guru (14:46)
- Ades Tisai Ades (07:54)
- Salok (07:38)

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