Kundalini Yoga Meets Naad

Kundalini Yoga Meets Naad, Vol. 1 - Poets of Male Energy CD

On their CD Kundalini Yoga Meets Naad, Vol. 1, the music-project Poets of Male Energy from northern Germany combines several ancient techniques which all can be used for meditation, yoga or other relaxation activities. Many cultures discovered the healing effects of sounds and vibrations already thousands of years ago and used them consciously. Kundalini Yoga and Naad Yoga both use the language of Gurmukhi, a mantric language which developed in northern India. Within it rests the knowledge and the power of how by the use of sound we can affect our total being. It has matured over centuries into a well-proven, precise science.

This music creates a vast yet subtle sound space which allows you to dive deep within, open yourself to the sounds and let yourself be carried by their energy. Reducing to what is really essential by setting the instrumentation punctually in some kind of zen-style creates a perfect space for the expansion of the voices which happily fill in and harmoniously complete that space.

Besides the human voice as the most powerful and core instrument of the human being, the Sound Bowl is an important instrument on this album. The Drum as another archaic and important instrument which puts everything to rhythm and guides throughout. The Flute, finally, is the symbol for the winds, the heavens and the lightness of the soul. The Poets of Male Energy weave all these techniques and instruments into a unique, outstanding musical experience which can help us face the challenges of our modern times.


- Ong Meditation 1 (02:59)
- Adi Shakti (11:05)
- Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Guru Deva (11:04)
- Sat Nam Ji Wahe Guru Ji (11:25)
- Pavane Pavane (11:18)
- Sat Nam Wahe Guru (11:21)
- Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hong (11:08)
- Ong Meditation 2 (03:15)

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