Rhythms of Yoga

Rhythms of Yoga - Various Artists CD

This compilation is outstanding and extraordinary. Enjoy drum-music from various parts of india, and feel the power! It is quite meditative even though very rhythmic and powerful. The drums will make you feel like you’re listening to them in the middle of nature.

Rhyhtms of Yoga features energizing, moving and pulsing drum music with percussions from various traditions of India. With this music, your feet won't stand still for long! You will be invited to dance, move, shake, energize... and have fun!


- Bhangara - Dance of Joy (14:13)
- Dhuni Instrumental - Dance of the Snake (11:06)
- Pantra Sa Ta Na Ma (7:15)
- Punjabi Drums (10:50)
- Rhythms of Gatka - Dance of the Sword (11:01)
- Dynamic Pantra with Chaos (7:25)
- Dynamic Gatka with Gong (6:50).

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