Shiv Shakti Mantra

Shiv Shakti Mantra - Satkirin Kaur CD

The Unstoppable sound of Victory<> plays in these 31 minutes of the Shiv Shakti Mantra. The Tenth Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, gave this Mantra for cutting through any challenge one might have to face, and Yogi Bhajan recommended this Mantra to meet the challenges of this Aquarian transition. Every drum you can imagine is playing in this musical arrangement and continues with a permanent energy flow. The sound is very rhythmic and driving.

Satkirin Kaur sings the four lines of this Mantra: Jai Te Gang... in both Gurmukhi and English in a straight forward and invigorating quality to accomplish your mission directly and give you the power you need. It is strong like coffee on a low energy day and will keep you singing and dancing as any calamities you might feel will melt away.


- Shiv Shakti Mantra - Jai Te Gung (31 Min.)

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