Song of the Soul - Sat Hari Singh CD

"Healing through listening"... – this is the effect of the music from Sat Hari Singh and the enchanting vocals of Hari Bhajan Kaur on their third album Song of the Soul. Popular Kundalini Yoga Mantras of delight, sung by lovely voices, expressing love and joy, touch the heart and open up the mind for the main masterpiece on this album:

Song of the Soul features a wonderful and very special musical version of Jap Ji, the long, mantric prayer of Guru Nanak. Singing in harmony and with deep devotion, the two artists make this music become a deep meditation, a true Song of the Soul, and invite you to sing along, or just listen to it and relax.

The 24-paged booklet contains a complete version of the Jap Ji in easy-to-read-transliteration, so you can sing along or read along with it.


1. Guru Ram Das Chant (8:40)
2. Ik Ardas (8:04)
3. Aad Such (7:27)
4. Ong Namo (7:17)
5. Jap Ji (34:25)

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