Hansu Jot: To the Stars and Back CD

Hansu Jot, known as the male part of the popular duo Tera Naam, sets new musical standards with his solo album To the Stars and Back – Sacred Meditations and presents deep, meditative Kundalini mantras as a multi-instrumentalist in a breathtaking new sound that lives up to the title of the album: you will fly straight to the stars and you will come back home and healed!

The wonderfully creative sound ambience that Hansu Jot generates is enriched by te participation of top-class musicians like New York percussionist Tripp Dudley, one-of-a-kind-singer Fjóla Sukhpreet from Iceland and Kirtan singer Balprem Kaur from Austria, as well as - of course - singer Dharam Sophia from Tera Naam, contributing her beautiful vocals. Together, they invoke an energy that will forklift your Spirit and guide you directly into the heart of the Light.

The uplifting mix of beautiful and inspiring melodies and trance-like chants, the deep and quiet passages as well as the invigorating beats create a special meditative atmosphere that takes you on a journey to distant galaxies. With a great deal of sensitivity and sophisticated musical intuition, Hansu Jot meets exactly that nerve that makes To the Stars and Back a great companion for yoga and meditation as well as a delightful, top category enjoyment for the ears – absolutely recommendable!


- Narayan - River Invocation(06:18)
- Sat Narayan Haree Narayan - Balancing The Flow Of Emotions (12:03)
- Gunpati Mantra - Self Healing & Removing Negativity (11:48)
- Ek Ong Kaar - Laya Yoga - Absorption Into The Sacred Space (11:43)
- Dharti Hai - Connection Into The Heart (11:52)
- Har Har Har Har Gobinday - Manifesting Prosperity (11:33)
- Guru Ram Dass Chant - Miracle Of The Heart Prayer (12:16)

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