Unstruck Sound

Unstruck Sound - Satya Singh CD

The story about the development of this CD is fascinating: At the preparations to the "Master's Touch Course" 2000 in Rome, Satya Singh used the System of a musician who heals with sounds by referring the letters of a name to certain musical notes and plays them. His clients go through many experiences and journeys into the past.

On his album Unstruck Sound, Satya Singh uses the same musical system to create little musical scales out of the names of the first five Sikh-Masters. On these musical scales, Satya singh improvises with World Music instruments such as Didgeridoo, Monochord, Percussions etc. The idea behind this is to connect you with the very special energy of these masters through the sounds and the music.

The music of the five pieces on this CD, Unstruck Sound, are excellent for meditation and deep relaxation.


1. Nanak - Creativity - ONG (15 Min.)
2. Angad - Grounding - DIDGERIDOO (15 Min.)
3. Amardas - Trust - MONOCHORD (15 Min.)
4. Ramdas - Healing - GONG (15 Min.)
5. Arjun - Balance - SOUNDING BOWLS (15. Min.)

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