Authentic Relationships - 4 DVD-Set, Yogi Bhajan (german subtitles)

Set with 4 Yoga-DVDs with selected lectures of Yogi Bhajan in original english language, with german subtitles. This DVD-set is also being used for the Teacher Training.

The Lectures on this DVD-Set include:

- Relationships and the Art of Relay
- Love Is the Absolute Power of Self-Totality
- Principles for Living: The Law of Polarity and Intuition
- Love: Active, Reactive and Ultimate
- Let Your Identity Come from Your Divinity
- The life of a Teacher: Flexibility, Humility and Compassion.

Each lecture includes a meditation led by the Master, Yogi Bhajan. This particular series includes a powerful practice using the Shabd Guru, called the ‘Secret of Gurmat’, and profoundly affects the psyche and the soul to heal the wounds of love.

Set wit 4 DVDs
Language/Audio: English.
With german subtitles

EAN: 4260110013062
Recommended retail price: 79.95 €.