Harmonium Sat Nam Classic - indian keyboard musical instrument

The Harmonium is a classical indian music instrument, which originally came to India from Europe and was first established by the English. Throughout time and history, the harmonium found its way into the classical Indian music, where it has become an integral part and a highly valued, popular musical instrument. It is often being used for spiritual and devotional music by many Raagis and musicians.

Raagas, Mantras, Poojas and Shabads, Kirtan, Bhajans and holy songs – all these can be musically accompanied with our Harmonium Sat Nam Classic and its compact, collapsable measures, still offering a rich spectrum of sounds with its 39-tone keyboard, and being practically usable anywhere. The sonorous, soft and warm sounds of the lower keys, coupled with the expressiveness of the higher keys when used for fast solo-passages both support the vocal singing with a warm sound-carpet, as well as being a perfectly brilliant and outstanding solo instrument when needed as such.


EAN: 4260110012010