Harmonium Sat Nam Travel-Light compact

Our Harmonium Sat Nam Travel-Light compact is great for stationary use, but its real strength lies in in smaller and lighter construction, making it easy to transport to any place of your choice. Additionall, it is collapsible, meaning: with a few, simple steps the Harmonium can be folded to the minimum possible size, allowing you to easily carry it with you anywhere you like.

This Travel-Light, compact Harmonium offers a long reverberation which allows you to play also more silent, almost whispering tones. Its unique sound derives from the selection of special Reeds - sound producing metal tongues – which swing even with little air. It is the interaction between the Reeds and the sound-enfolding wooden parts of the Harmonium which creates the touching and natural sounds that make the Harmonium so popular and, with open lid and stronger pumping movements, allow you to also use the Harmonium as a powerful and leading instrument.


EAN: 4260110012027