Tiffin-Box "Bombay", stainless steel

The original, authentic Tiffin Box from Mumbai, known as "Bombay Tiffin", is a practical household-item made made of stainless steel for food storage or transport. It is almost unbreakable and is used for storing hot or cold foods. The Tiffin Box is very solid and made for a long life. It can also be used for any outdoor-activity.

In Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), as well as other parts of India, thousands and thousands of these Tiffins are delivered daily by the "Tiffin Wallas" - special Tiffin-carriers - from the homes to their destination in the offices.

Our Bombay Tiffin consists of three separate bowls/containers, two of them covered with a small plate; solid lid, with snaplocks on the sides; and a solid handle.

Diamater ca. 12,5 cm. Stainless steel, suitable for dishwash-machines

EAN-code 4260110015066