The Sweetest Nectar - Simrit Kaur CD

From beginning to end, Simrit Kaur's debut album, The Sweetest Nectar is exquisite, powerful, and filled with lots of soul. The nusic features the masterful guitar of Todd Boston and the deep and soulful percussions of Ramesh Kannan who were touring with Snatam Kaur on her Europe tours, and is framed by the gorgeous cello and sarangi from Hans Christian.

Simrit Kaur is a singer, musician, and yogini. Her voice is uniquely rich, soulful, and penetrating, and her music is hauntingly mystic and beautiful. Simrit's unusually rich, soulful and penetrating vocals speak for themselves. Her music and compositions are somehow both uniquely fresh with a contagious uplifting energy, and simultaneously ancient with a deep and sacred appeal.

Simrit was born in Greece and grew up in the United States. She has been singing and playing music from the time she was a young child and has studied both western and eastern classical vocals. She is an accomplished percussionist and is trained in piano. Simrit is a devoted student, practitioner and teacher of Naad Yoga, the sacred science of sound and consciousness.


- Akal - Deathless (9:27)
- Wah Yantee (7:12)
- Tithai Too Samarath (9:25)
- Ardas Bhaee (8:08)
- Hey Gobind Hey Gopal (8:20)
- The Sweetest Nectar (9:06)
- Long Time Sun (2:38)

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