Eleven - Ram Singh CD

After his successful and highly regarded debut album Har Ji, Ram Singh enriches his musical creativity by adding another dimension with his follow-up album Eleven. Ram's soft and gentle voice is like a warm blanket in which you can wrap yourself and feel piece, coziness and wamth. It carries the mantras directly into your heart.

Once again, with Eleven Ram Singh has created a Kundalini Mantra-chant album which stands out by its individual style and creates a new musical atmosphere through Ram Singh's unique voice. Here are five great Kundalini Yoga Mantras - and especially the Wahe Guru will really get you moving!


- Cheet Avai (7:53)
- Wah Yantee (8:13)
- Humee Hum (11:58)
- Suniai (8:08)
- Wahe Guru (30:58)

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