Kirtan Kriya Sa Ta Na Ma, Tera Naam CD

Kirtan Kriya - Sa Ta Na Ma is one of the most popular and powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditations, compiled by Tera Naam in 4 different lengths: 30 minutes, 18 minutes, 12 minutes, and 6 minutes.

Designed to actively support your meditation, this compilation from the Kundalini Yoga Meditation Series with the four different lengths of the Kirtan Kriya Meditation is a great yoga tool for beginners, yoga practitioners and advanced yogis or yoga teachers.

The Kirtan Kriya Meditation with the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma in the musical version of Tera Naam comes from their album IN THY NAME and carries accurate chanting of the mantra in the "three languages" of this meditation: loud (human - the world), whisper (lovers - longing to belong), menally/silent (Divine - infinity). Tera Naam's music is heart opening, harmonious and very meditative. It will carry you on wings of love throughout this special Kundalini Yoga Meditation.

- Kirtan Kriya / Sa Ta Na Ma, Original, 30 Min. Meditation (32:25)
- Kirtan Kriya / Sa Ta Na Ma, Intermediate, 18 Min. Meditation (19:58)
- Kirtan Kriya / Sa Ta Na Ma, Yoga class, 12 Min. Meditation (13:41)
- Kirtan Kriya / Sa Ta Na Ma, Beginners, 6 Min. Meditation (09:05)

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