Mantras, Essential Priciples & Sounds - Shiv Charan Singh

The human voice is a great gift. No one can take it from you, it is totally portable without being extra luggage, it does not diminish from use, it requires nothing from the outside to make it work, it cannot sink or drown, it is an enduring presence of inner magic and can also be a medicine for many ailments.

With your voice you can explain and understand many things, it is a tool that does not wear down or require any spare parts. Through your voice you have the opportunity to not only express yourself, but be an artist, creating yourself and your own experience moment by moment - you are your word.

Shiv Charan Singh shares his in-depth knowledge and insights about sounds and mantras. Like no other, he is able to reveal causes and effects in a unique way, looking into the microcosmos of things and connecting them with the great big Whole.

Excerpts from the chapters in this book:

- Sacred Chanting
- Sound Construnction
- Aspects of Sound
- How to chant a mantra
- Meaning and application of certain mantras.

Format: A4, ca. 21 x 29,7 cm.
37 pages, spiral bound.
Language: English.

ISBN: 978-3-941566-04-0
Recommended retail price: 12,95 €.