The Mantra Songbook, including CD (various composers)

The Mantra Songbook contains a total of 90 Kundalini Mantra-chants which have the power to touch our hearts and souls. After playing many of the chants in this book for years in yogaclasses or at Yoga Festivals, we found out that none of these chants had ever been transcribed into musical notation.

This was the task that the authors set for themselves. In a joined project of the musicians Mata Mandir Singh and Raghubir Singh, and with the contribution of the band Mardanba, a first choice of 40 chants was made, but soon appeared too few and was increased to 90 chants.

The Mantra Songbook is a window into the wonderful music of Kundalini Yoga. It is suitable for all kinds of musicians and especially guitarists, as with it's easy-to-follow notation, complete texts and guitar-chords doesn’t involve complicated studies or patterns. In the back of the book, you will find a complet guitar-chord chart.
Also included: an accompanying CD with short tracks of 57 chants.

Language used in the book: English.
93 pages, spiral bound.
With accompanying CD - 57 tracks in total!

ISBN: 978-3-9805039-6-9
Recommended retail price: 25,95 €.