Try thinking of it like this! - Shiv Charan Singh

Try Thinking of it like This! is a book about the five voices that speak in all human communication.

Excerpts from the contents of this book:

Introduction: Background to the book; concerning language and its use; the five premises of this book; the five voices; the impact on human conversation; personal and impersonal implications (the axis of communication).

Section 1: The countdown to what is a person, life cycles and the five phases, the four axis of communication, the development of language from birth.

Section 2: Problem talk; the problems for each identity, the specific problem of addiction as example, the five element expression of the energy that empowers the five voices.

Section 3: Seeing through; explaining, theory; psycho-logic, the ritual of the healing conversation, the narrative process, story as therapeutic tool.

Section 4: The language of going beyond, existentialism, memory and self becoming, discovering self in community; meditational attitude in counselling, use of poetic style, crisis and choice making, feelings, priority circles, intuition, unknowable reality.

Section 5: The deliberative assembly, a basis for the holistic healing conversation, the five identities, identity as relationship, five ways of learning and corresponding states of consciousness, language and change, communication and the art of embroidery; summary of the holistic approach.

Format: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
114 pages, spiral bound.
Language: English.

ISBN: 978-3-941566-05-7
Recommended retail price: 18,95 €.